Charles Hoskinson is a Colorado-based technology entrepreneur and mathematician. He attended Metropolitan State University of Denver and University of Colorado Boulder to study analytic number theory before moving into cryptography through industry exposure. His professional experience includes founding three cryptocurrency-related start-ups – Invictus Innovations, Ethereum and IOHK – and he has held a variety of posts in both the public and private sectors. He was the founding chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation’s education committee and established the Cryptocurrency Research Group in 2013. His current projects focus on education people about cryptocurrency, being an evangelist for decentralization and making cryptographic tools easier to use for the mainstream. This includes leading the research, design and development of Cardano, a third-generation cryptocurrency that launched in September 2017.

Rob is a physicist, mathematician, Phd Candidate in Finance and also the Co-founder & President of Horizen. Horizen is one of the first private platforms in the world offering real blockchain solutions to bring privacy and freedom to life. He’s also a Board advisor for ETHlend, The Sea Institute,HeroEngine World among others. He has been a teacher in the University of South Carolina by giving subjects such as “Bitcoin & Blockchain Applications in Finance”. Some of his areas of expertise are in crypto-finance, asset pricing, and crypto related innovations.

Alejandro Palantzas, analyst and business developer of digital assets focused on Latin America. He started as a financial analyst after obtaining his MBA from the Hult International School of Business, but the crisis of 2008 sparked his interest in the Austrian School of Economics and Precious Metals. In 2013, during the banking crisis in Cyprus, he heard about bitcoin for the first time, due to the fact that he is native of Greece. He fell in love with the concept, and became part of the Bitcoin Center New York City, a legendary place for the early days of bitcoin. He has commented frequently on the economy and cryptocurrencies in Univision and CBS.

Founder and CEO of Alteum, an organization specialized in the development of blockchain technology in Latin America that seeks to generate a disruption in the traditional market to facilitate financial inclusion and transparency. He has an MBA with a focus in Global Business and Strategy at EGADE Business School. During his experience as an executive he has worked for the Human Resources, Finance and Commercial departments, being his most recent experience at Heineken Mexico.

Kohei has been a Blockchain related adviser and a consultant since 2017. He does not only covers the direction of the development of Decentralized Applications (Dapps) but also consults in software and financial matters such as GPU mining, ICO and Blockchain security. Kohei has more than 15 years of experience in web development and applications. He also have 5 years of experience in the digital marketing area and online community development.

International Business Professional from Santo Tomás University (Colombia). Master in Politics and Public Administration of Concordia University (Canada). She has held positions in the financial sector, marketing, coordination of events and projects, public relations in private entities and government in Colombia, Italy and Canada. Currently, he is the CEO of My Job Studio and Ambassador NEM for Mexico.

Eloisa has a PhD as researcher at the UNAM School of Engineering on Financial valuation of cryptocurrencies. She has provided financial advice to projects that seek to use cryptocurrencies as a form of payment or want to incorporate blockchain technology in their processes. In addition, she has written opinion articles for the journals of the College of Accountants, Criptonoticias and Investing. She specialized in the area of ​​cryptocurrencies since 2014 and is a member of the Financial Technology and Emerging Commission of the Public Accountants Association of Mexico. As part of her career, Cadenas has taught courses at the School of the Mexican Stock Exchange and Diplomas in the Faculty of Economics and Engineering. Complementing her knowledge and presence in the academic area, Eloisa has lectured on the subject of cryptoactives in Forums of Finance organized by the UAM as well as in International Conferences of the UNAM. Recently I participated in the Financial Research Congress of the IMEF.

Charles Nader studied the career of General Medicine at the Anahuac University in Mexico City, without neglecting his passion for the digital world and online forums, he was a 34-year-old entrepreneur, who learned in 2013 of the existence of Bitcoin. Charles completed a Diploma in Stanford University Technology Enabled Blitz, awarded by LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, John Lilly, former CEO of Mozilla and author Chris Yeh. Passionate about medicine and technology, he realized that the future of money and the new gold of the 21st century is data, its storage, analysis and management. The way to access the data of this blockchain is through its cryptocurrency called Medical Token Currency (MTC), the first Mexican cryptocurrency.
Charles created a cryptocurrency service, the result: The value of its cryptocurrency, MTC, reached 50 cents, giving the firm an approximate value of 300 million dollars. Nader has managed to position as a world leader in free telemedicine and revolutionizing the way in which thousands of people access health care today.

Ralph has been a board level investment banker, seasoned derivatives trader on Wall Street and in many Asian financial centers. Currently, he is a venture investor and advisor in many Blockchain technology-based Fintech and Proptech companies through the California based incubator company Advanced e-Financial Technologies, Inc. (AeFT). He was formerly the Managing Director of JP Morgan Chase in Hong Kong, Vice President of UBS in Singapore after starting his career with Morgan Stanley in New York. His last corporate role was as the Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of China Everbright Bank in Beijing. In between, Ralph also built and ran a successful Singapore-based derivatives trading, risk management and banking system Fintech company in the 90’s called ARMS (Advanced Risk Management Solutions) which provided services over 26 countries covering from Asia, the Middle East to Eastern and Central Europe. Ralph brings strong visions, high-level contacts and financial oversight to MuleChain.

Alfred is an international expert in the solar market, market economy and corporate business. In 2010, he founded Solar Bankers and began the development of a high-tech nanostructured solar panel that manages light and increases its efficiency. Through Solar Bankers, consumers join a Peer-to-Peer Network and can produce their own electricity through the use of a Solar Node and sell any excess at competitive prices to their neighbors through local markets. Jost has successfully founded and managed more than 10 companies, with accumulated profits of more than $ 100 million dollars.

Katerina Stroponiati is currently a founder and Partner at Monday Capital. She was previously the CEO of Sunshine, an Artificial Intelligence Company. Katerina is a creative visionary, a modern-day entrepreneur, rebel at heart who enjoys finding new paths in what uses to be old territory. Originally from Greece, she studied Production Engineering at the Technical University of Crete. In January 2013, she moved to Silicon Valley. Nowadays Katerina is a partner in Monday Capital, a fund backed by engineers and founders that invest in blockchain since 2012. Some of the companies they have invested in are: Cardano, Stellar, Roostock, LangNet, mainframe, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and many others.

Enrique Souza started programming since he was a child, hoping to give his family better opportunities. He graduated in Systems Analysis, always a student and a lover of technology. His continuous drive towards finding his personal freedom and his space in the world ultimately led him to Smartcash, he fell in love with the service and decided it was what would provide him this necessary freedom. He’s being working as a developer since July 2017 until recently, when he took the role as an Outreach 2 Hive Coordinator. His team focuses on the construction of the community, growth and general acquisition of users in South America.

Dana Farbo has been an active digital innovator and marketer for more than 20 years. He was a partner of Imano, which was sold to Ness Technologies in 2012. Imano became a world leader in digital development with his award-winning work on mobile augmented reality applications with clients such as Ray-Ban, AbInbev, Chevrolet, Hertz and many others.

He currently works as the Operational Director of Augmate and is developing the most complete device management platform for companies and consumers, integrating blockchain for data security and device control. Augmate builds real solutions for companies without basing success on how much is collected in an ICO. Being agnostic in the selection of protocols to integrate to Augmate, Connect allows Augmate to choose the best of these protocols instead of betting on a single route. This hybrid approach connects proven technology solutions with those that show the promise of scale and performance for the new era of massive data creation from all IOT devices. 

Ms. Ukhova is the CMO of LIONS & DOVES, a company that offers solutions to the companies entering the blockchain market and starting an ICO. Having worked for multiple international companies and start-ups in Europe and Middle East, Nelli has contributed to the implementation of successful Branding and PR strategies along with becoming fluent in 6 languages and developing a strong skill set in communication and human behaviour. She specialises in Neuromarketing that triggers emotions of potential consumers and engages their limbic system while taking a decision. During her work with a developer of high-efficiency solar modules, who uses a decentralised P2P-Network for energy trading, Nelli has acquired a lot of knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency in the recent years.

Alexandra has worked for international companies with transactions exceeding 3 billion dollars. She advises US and foreign clients in the creation of new companies, investments, capital raising, sales, leasing and financing in traditional real estate investments, as well as in the avant-garde Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry. As such, she has launched a new practice group at CKR Law: Blockchain Technology & Digital Currency, of which she is president and is also the Diversity Officer for the Blockchain Alliance on Wall Street.

Demetrio leads BanregioLABS, an experimental laboratory that forms part of Banregio, whose vocation is to create, identify and capitalize new opportunities for growth, better experiences and find new ways to attract customers to the bank. Demetrio is an active mentor of the Fintech community in Mexico and has developed strong relationships with new companies seeking to operate in the Mexican financial system. Demetrio was a member of Banregio’s founding team in 1994 and has since had the privilege of working in different areas of the bank over the past 25 years, including technology, commercial, electronic channels, product design and now Innovation. He has been a lecturer on innovation and financial technology in different countries and has a master’s degree in the Institute Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresa (IPADE)

Arnaud is a serial and social entrepreneur, philanthropist, blockchain expert in social impact, CSO in Conscious Capitalism DC and winner of numerous honors and innovation awards that include: Blockchain4Humanity, CTIA Startup Lab, AdTech, Paris Innovation Award, Janus, among others. Some of his Blockchain-based Social Impact projects include HealThruWords, the Heartfulness movement which targets 1 billion people and the GIVE Foundation which educates children on charity support and finance.